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                Vanderbach Professional Surround Sound HRS-605 Speaker System -New in Box!!
                Up for Auction Today!!I have one set of Vanderbach HRS-605 Professional Home Reference Series Speakers and Percussion Sub WooferThis Auction is for the Speaker set onlyThey can handle up to 2000 watts Total Output!!!!!!!They are 5.1 Surround Sound SystemThis was a Open Box,I have taken them out and have inspected them and there is no damage on any of the speakers Guaranteed.If you are building a s ...  More

                Vanderbach Surround HRS-605 Speaker System
                If you are looking for the CHEAPEST, you are in the wrong place. I only sell the BEST. I try to do both, but sometimes it is impossible. SO I always choose the BEST over the CHEAPEST even if it costs more. Title: Vanderbach Surround HRS-605 Speaker System We have a brand new set of Vanderbach Surround HRS-605 Speaker System in open box. NO damage, NO scratches at all on this unit. The box was open ...  More

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